Worms 3D

Worms 3D 1.1073

Defeat your enemy worms using various weapons
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Move around the level, pick various weapons and power-ups, and destroy your enemy worms. Complete 35 missions by performing particular tasks, such as defeating enemy worms, gathering crates, or detonating a number of hidden landmines. Receive rewards and unlock bonuses.

Worms is a really popular and famous franchise of 2D artillery games. In the game, enemy worm teams battle in a randomly-generated map. You could use a grappling hook to move around the level picking up weapons, power-ups and getting close to your enemies. You then had to attack them with a wacky weapon, measuring the power of the throw and the wind factor. The worms faction is a hilarious game to play, even the first one. But the developers of the game, Team17, were not happy with that, so they ditched the 2D environment for a full 3D environment. Thanks to this, the worms have the ability to move to a new dimension, making the aiming and firing process a bit more complex. The main problem with this 3D environment are the cameras: there are some of them where you cannot really see what you are doing or where you are aiming. But the same fun from the worms is there, as well as the wacky weapons and the strategy of the game, with the cute little creatures blowing themselves up. The multi-player is a blast as well. Try it first and see if you prefer the 3D environment to the 2D one. It is all a matter of taste.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Funny weapons, new environment


  • Some cameras are poorly positioned
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